Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ozokerite or oozing oil...

"Amid the hysterical counter claims from the ‘interim government’ in Kiev supported by $5bn dollars of American money which chased the duly democratically elected government out of town and now condemns as ‘criminal’ the people of Eastern Ukraine holding a referendum to democratically decide their future – there is a three letter word which is conspicuous by its absence. Can you guess what it is yet?" So writes Anna Raccoon with another excellent blog-post about The bitter legacy of the Western Ukraine and a dark sticky liquid oozing out over the plains: not blood but it could be given the history of the Bloodlands.
"Oh – and the responsibility of deciding which way to send the oil oozing from the ground – east to Russia, or west to Europe?"
The comments and the links in the comments are worth a read too: The Strangelove effect with Obama seeking a greater budget for nuclear weapons than during the Cold War and the sinister expansionism of the European Council. Have we been here before? East vs. West? Hopefully not; indeed who could imagine a repeat of the Worst of the Madness in a "region that experienced the worst of both Stalin’s and Hitler’s ideological madness" and "the site of most of the politically motivated killing in Europe... ...between 1933 and 1945, fourteen million people died there, not in combat but because someone made a deliberate decision to murder them."

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