Thursday, September 18, 2014

OK, OK, OK...

UKOK. Interesting rebranding from over a decade ago, (click through the short-listed entries from 2001 HERE) and regurgitated in 2007 as 'The Failure of Cool Britannia' from Summa. Today's referendum may not be the last day of the U.K. but it could be the beginning of the end...

UKOK Campaign 2002
UKOK campaign 2002
UKOK Keith Williams
UKOK credit Keith Williams

Douglas Murray puts it well in The Spectator: "Vote for Britain to be a force for good in the world. Vote to keep the Union". The UK is easily the most successful union of countries in the history of the world and I dispute any silly comparisons trying to belie this by using totally irrelevant comparisons (with the USA in this case) about size, or GDP or Olympic gold medals for fuck's sake. Maybe I'm referring more to the British Empire but IMHO the two cannot and should not be separated. Going back to Murray's article, I agree entirely with a comment by sfin part of which is quoted below:
"Devolution is an EU design. The Blair creature was carrying out article 198 of the Maastricht Treaty (signed by the 'conservative' John Major) which resurrected the committee of regions and urged a blueprint of regions in Europe based on the German Lander system - each region having an elected assembly). Scotland, Wales and Ulster (not Northern Ireland) are EU regions. England does not exist..." [sic]
And finally from the 'New' Archbishop Cranmer: "Doe wee not remember, that this Kingdome [England] was divided into seven little Kingdomes, besides Wales? And is it not now the stronger by their Union? And hath not the Union of Wales to England added a greater Strength therto?…I desire a perfect Union of Lawes and Persons, and such a Naturalizing as may make one Body of both Kingdomes under mee your King. That I and my Posteritie (if it so please God) may rule over you to the Worlds End; Such an Union as was of the Scots and Pictes in Scotland, and of the Heptarchie heere in England."  ' So spake King James I of England and VI of Scotland to the Houses of Parliament in 1603'. True as ever.
"Why is Alex Salmond intent on leading the Scots out of a union which they are manifestly better off in, for one which it is increasingly obvious we would all be Better Off Out?" [my emphasis]

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