Sunday, September 28, 2014

Out of office III...

Not scandalous...and not Brooks.
King dong, the bitch is read, or red as the case may be. Not sure if there is much of a sex scandal about the latest sex scandal. At least Brooks Newmark (a member...of parliament) doesn't have a double entendre name associated with 'the crime' as in the similar A. Weiner case in the USA.

Interestingly there is clearly a 'conspiracy' afoot by the Sunday Mirror to ensnare Conservatives as Newmark isn't the only one...he was just the fish that took the bait. Maybe the lefty rag and the 'freelance' ("male reporter, a freelance ­journalist who passed the information to the Sunday Mirror" [ha!], set up false twitter account and,posing as a "twenty-something Tory PR girl" called Sophie Wittams, "was carrying out an undercover probe into claims by sources that MPs were using social media networks to meet women"; of course he was) are trying to recreate the continuous wave of scandals that helped Tony Blair to his '97 landslide (itself orchestrated by the BBC and New Labour amongst others). Or maybe they are members/fighters for left-wing charities and green totalitarianism have got their man.

Very late (travelling!) update: very surprised to read this from Guido re the above mentioned 'male reporter'; agree with THIS from Writerlywitterings. 

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