Saturday, October 04, 2014

Obvious offence III...

Map from Political Geography Now [Link]
Argie-bargie: Top Gear attacked for 'coincidence' of licence plates: H982 FKL (1982, the year of the Falklands War and FLK is the ISO Country code for the Falkland Islands...pretty close). According to Diario Journada last week Jeremy Clarkson 'chose'  to use the provocative number plate on his car for the filming. Really Jeremy? He insists the whole thing is contrived but if it was a publicity stunt it almost went to the edge but will pay dividends (see his tweet). Plus [from the DT] the executive producer of Top Gear, Andy Wilman, said: "Top Gear production purchased three cars for a forthcoming programme; to suggest that this car was either chosen for its number plate, or that an alternative number plate was substituted for the original, is completely untrue." It is still big news in Patagonia today [in English: BBC] but you can see the contrived response when a spokesman says that they (the British) have been lying to them for 200 years (well, we know better). JC says he is convinced the mob was state organised and he could be right: the Buenos Aires Herald says the 'mob' was made up of "war veterans, unionists and neighbours".

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