Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Observatory of overkill...

Not a pleasant post to end the year: another day in paradise: El Universal reports that the murder rate in Venezuela keeps rising: just one good reason to leave according to the OVV (Venezuelan Observatory of Violence). The graph (left: click to enlarge or follow link to OVV) shows an alarming growth in violent deaths but even this is overshadowed by the growth in kidnappings (see graph below) and this figure can't be called into question so easily as it comes from the CICPC, Venezuela's largest national police agency; obviously the non official figure is several times this rate because express kidnappings may not be included in data: imagine the graph!

Wiki: Crime in Venezuela [link]
Could the "real culprit for the rampant crime in Venezuela [be] socialism"? Why Is There So Much Crime In Venezuela? From Valuewalk: PDF

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