Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Owbridges: our onomatomania...

...but not really obsessed like my own 'O': merely a wonderful nostalgia-inducing Sunday Post from Petunia Winegum at The Raccoon Arms: A Lost Lexicon of England. The comments are worth a read too as readers add their own tuppenyworth.


Paul said...

Happy Christmas Span. Hope you are well.

Liked the list, we have a client who we call 'Lounge Lizard' he makes Leslie Philips look positively gay by comparison.

West Ham above Arsenal, Spuds, Liverpool, Everton, Newcastle etc at Christmas. Living la vida loca as they say.

Have a good 2015 and enjoy good health and good fortune.

Span Ows said...

Hi Paul! Best wishes. Yes, my sister is a Hammer too so no end of gloating: great Boxing Day fare too as Chelski vs Hammers and later the mighty Arse vs QPR and in the middle Bristol City vs Yeovil (local family derby!)

Glad you're still about. I have had a terrible time trying to get interested in posting lots but my job keeps getting in the way :-)

Best wishes, good luck and good health!

Paul said...

Yes - my work has had a bigger impact on the last six months than I could have imagined when we were taken over last year.

Still, upwards and onwards.

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