Saturday, January 03, 2015

Oppugnant of Obama's Oval Office octennial...

...not long left to impress and unfortunately "he has played a bad hand poorly": Andrew J. Bacevich in today's Spectator has this article: Barack Obama: anatomy of a failure.
"Obama moved into the Oval Office about as well equipped to serve as global CEO as Kim Kardashian is to run one of Wall Street’s larger investment banks."
Trouble is, IMHO, Andrew is being too kind! And (credit to longlance in the comments) Kim has maximized her assets!

Elsewhere he says " obviously gifted President, swept into office on a wave of immense expectations", gifted in what way? Certainly the rampant media bias and general unwillingness to question anything before Obama was elected played a part in the exaggerated and irrational expectations. That media bias continues - although to a lesser extent - and is much like the 'honeymoon period' given to New Labour in the UK; something that abetted the corrupt and duplicitous traitors and set the scene for the complete disaster we face now.

P.S. Needless to say, any regular reader here would know I'm not Obama's greatest fan

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