Saturday, March 07, 2015

Open offerings...

Venezuela the best in the world? YES! And I agree: when we're talking about the best breakfast: HERE (but last year!) Adam Lapetina (at Thrillist: "obsessed with everything that’s worth caring about in food, drink, and travel") gave the thumbs-up to Venezuela's arepa; certainly hasn't got the best photo on that blog but I can confirm it's a great way to start the day - of course like all good breakfasts it doesn't have to be limited to the first meal either. My favourite arepa (that link has better photos!) was always 'domino' (black beans and cheese - the image, left) and in the case of this list 'la arepa domin√≥ ' (hehe). Don't worry about the beans, an arepa can be filled with pretty much anything you fancy. Unfortunately the flour they use to make these arepas is one of the staple foods that continues to be in short supply; shortages that are blamed on smuggling, 'unscrupulous businessmen', economic war by the evil empire, aliens (probably) but anybody rather than the clowns in charge.

Interestingly, in the Thrillist best-breakfast list England, Scotland and Ireland all come in the top 5 albeit with variations on the same theme; all equally good too IMHO.

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