Saturday, April 04, 2015

Obama's obambulation...

Obama seems to be thrashing about with an innate anti-Midas touch desperately trying to find something to enable him to be remembered for something good; he may manage it: there's still a while to go.  Let's hope he isn't remembered as the guy who heralded a new big bang: his overt 'cooling' towards Israel and even more overt crazy-gang bending-over-backwards to the Iranians (so poor that even the Democrats are questioning some of it) seem to indicate he wants a permanent solution to the Middle East problem...very permanent. Obama said,
"The issues at stake here are bigger than politics" ..."These are matters of war and peace."
Yeah, we know...but you seem intent on making war more likely?

[Update: Iran’s statement in Farsi on the 'deal' contradicts Obama’s and Kerry's don't say?! Some US figures quoted even differ to the Italian and French texts of the talks!] [Link: NY Post]

On another topic, Obama even managed to condemn the Muslim terrorists that targeted Kenyan Christians without using the words Islam, Muslim or Christians...(click on image to enlarge) a job at the BBC awaits!

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