Friday, May 29, 2015

Obloquy of only option...

Sepptic Shock. Sepptic tank: in the FIFA president elections Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan - the ONLY other candidate - withdrew after the first round of voting. In that first round Blatter won 133 votes (only just short of the 140 votes needed for an outright win!); Prince Ali got 73. One by one the contenders withdrew until a re-election of the chief maggot was pretty much guaranteed ("...scores of rich, powerful men in their sixties and upward, an international cosmopolitan amoral exploitative malbolge of filth that encompasses all the vice of Dante's eighth circle; pandery, seduction, flattery, taboo breach, barratry, hypocrisy, theft, fraud, peculation, trickery, perjury, impostry and schism. Now here you have the parasitic maggot-heap that clusters around international 'sport', a maggot-heap...").

After the controversial decision to have the 2022 World Cup in Qatar it seemed things might come to a head: billions spent beforehand (yes, b-b-billions) on national level bribes; millions from slush funds for personal bribes; tens of billions in contracts to 'fight for'. One can only hope that the US instigated investigation (takes the USA to get the ball rolling! They don't even like football soccer!) and arrests etc will lead to many more arrest not just confined to the North, Central and South America Confederations. [edit] THIS screenshot really tells a story.

THIS IMAGE tells another (borrowed from a friend and previously shown in the post; size made me want to link it instead).

Update: Another good maggot-mention post by Sigillum at Anna Raccoon's

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