Thursday, May 07, 2015

Obvious offences; open omissions...

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The most corrupt elections for 150 years writes Raedwald. He goes on to note that voter registration problems will skew the result, adding:
"...there are 3m folk on the rolls who should not be there and 3m missing who should be.** And add to this the total cock-up over getting postal ballots out to up to a million expats after 20th April that means many who wish to vote are unable to do so."
As one commentator there says, with fixed-term parliaments they know 5 years in advance when the election is going to be, even if it has to change the actual date by a week or even a month or two there is no excuse not to have these delivered anything up to a year before the election! Postal voting (from 2001) plus mass immigration (" fraud and intimidation are rife in certain Commonwealth population constituencies", LOL, great way of putting it!) that can be laid squarely at the feet of New Labour, Blair, Brown and Co. have made things so bad but the Coalition haven't even got near sorting out the mess (Lib Dem dummy-spitting to blame for the "failure to eliminate Labour's corrupt advantage from Electoral Quotients").

Then we have Birmingham Muslims (city with 1 million + population, 20% Muslim) ordered to vote Labour and the chronic bias of the BBC [Google search] and my blood pressure is through the roof.

** Info from Michael Pinto-Duschinsky (Senior Consultant on Constitutional Affairs to Policy Exchange). Electoral Omission study [PDF] is well worth a read, depressing though it is: on the UK Electoral Register there are 13 to 15.5 Million Errors (doubled since 2006); the "dramatic decline in the quality of the electoral registers between 2006 and 2014"; voting fraud is rife and The Electoral Commission is "still a flawed institution".

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