Sunday, June 07, 2015

Orinoco overflow of ordure...

Ordure. Shit. Dung. Excrement. Maduro: "...get ready for a time of slaughter and death if the Bolivarian revolution fails..." from ABC Spain. WTF? Not what you'd expect a President of anywhere to say but then Venezuela these days isn't really 'anywhere'.
"Llamo al despertar nacional, al despertar colectivo, del pueblo frente a la oligarquía. Llamo a un despertar nacional de la conciencia popular (…) vencer la guerra económica es la tarea de todos, o lo hacemos entre todos o prepárense para que el imperialismo tome el control del país, prepárense para que venga la masacre del 27 de febrero, y allí la conocerán en vivo, no la conocerán por un video, prepárense para un tiempo de masacre y de muerte si fracasa la revolución bolivariana, pónganse las pilas todos o vamos a ver qué pasa con esta patria, a despertar, he venido a tocar un ‘campanazo’ de despertar desde la Ciudad Socialista Belén."
Rough Ows translated (edited after reading exactly what he said; it's worse. The title there re 'Papa' refers to a meeting of Maduro with the Pope that should have taken place today.): "I call for a national awakening, a collective awakening: the people against the oligarchy. I call a national awakening of the popular consciousness... win the economic war is the task of everyone. We do it all between us or get ready for imperialism to take control of the country; get ready for the slaughter of February 27, and there you will see it live, not on video. Get ready for a time of slaughter and death if the Bolivarian revolution fails, everyone sharpen up or when you wake up you will see what happens to this country. I come to sound the alarm bell from the Socialist Bethlehem City." [The February 27th he refers to is the "Caracazo"].

What a twat; the Bolivarian revolution was failing over 10 years ago. It is certainly not democratic; Venezuela is one of the worst countries for murder and kidnap; it's currently 176th out of 178 in Economic freedom rankings (just behind Zimbabwe and only ahead of Cuba and North Korea! FFS [list]); it's running out of money (just how the fuck?!...) know I could go on. 

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