Sunday, October 25, 2015

Oneirataxic omphaloskepsis...

Ooh, I do love easy to understand 'science', especially with even easier pictures to look at; 2% of the entire atmosphere are greenhouse gases; 4% of that 2% is CO2 and just 3.4% of that 4% is caused by human activity. Can this be shown in every school to reverse the climate drowning dog exploding child [yes, really!] brainwashing?

Please read yet another excellent WOWT guest post, plus all the comments if you dare; suffice to say that surely by now most sane climate alarmists and consensusites should be at least shuffling their feet and navel gazing.

n. - contemplation of the navel for the purpose of obtaining philosophic calm [LL]
n. - inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality

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