Saturday, December 12, 2015

Omnipotent ocracy obreption...

Congratulations, a deal has been done, the delegates from nigh on 200 countries have agreed: "A deal to attempt to limit the rise in global temperatures to less than 2C has been agreed at the climate change summit in Paris after two weeks of negotiations." [sic] [BBC] Read that didn't misread it. Next, they must stop the sun rising in the East; they obviously think they can. Canute* has been reassessed by history: now we know he wasn't a Nature God trying to turn back the tide but a fine King demonstrating his own limitations. Will today's politicians get the same reassessment? No, their shenanigans will be laughed at but not in time to save our sanity, money souls. Politics, more specifically, the redistribution of wealth is the only reason for this utter shite fest.

COP21 in Paris attracted thousands, 25,000 official delegates so clearly Paris is nicer than Lima where only 15,000 met last year; you forgot, these Conference of Parties (COP) jollies are pretty much annual bashes now. Of course that 25K official attendee number can be tripled/quadrupled or more, at least: guards, aides, secretaries, chauffeurs, cooks, hangers on etc. And then think of the protesters/ demonstrators, the happy-clappy brigade. However, don't fret, those thousands of delegates were given welcome bags that were 100% recycled! [face-palm]. The agreement [Full text PDF] seems impressive enough but it's about a handful of countries given hundreds of other countries money.

Food for thought - and recalling the oneirataxic omphaloskepsis - to feed the ever growing population we must produce more food; to do so our plant breeding advancements and animal nutrition efficiency will only get us so far: Mother Nature needs help to grow things and to do so she will need more CO2 in the atmosphere than we currently have...oops.

P.S. * some words you can get from 'Canute': acute, cant, cunt, nut...

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