Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Overflowing ordure...

The picture (left) is from the DT, another HERE shows before and after shots. Reading the sign you can see what is, in effect, all you need to know about the flood disaster and damage that is currently happening in the north of England. The problem is NOT climate change! The floods are NOT unprecedented and have happened for centuries! In England and the UK it rains a lot; sometimes lots and lots! Sometimes it is snow and the thaw causes the floods; sometimes just heavy rain.  For hundreds of years up until 1997 rivers known for flooding were regularly dredged (as were the Somerset Levels); for places like York, currently flooded from the river Ouse overflowing, there is data from centuries ago: "Systematic flood level readings from 1877 and a wealth of documentary records dating back as far as 1263 AD give the City of York a long and rich history of flood records."... "The inclusion of the extended historical flood record (1263–2000) provides an additional eleven events pre-1800, of which five are greater than the largest event in the period 1800–2000."**

The Environment Agency is not fit for purpose and it's adherence to the crazy "....EU directive which discourages proper dredging has been identified as an issue." [WUWT]. I am sure it is inefficiency and inadequacy from the EA making the problems worse: I am certain they wouldn't be doing this on purpose...would they?

**Source: Reassessment of flood frequency using historical information for the River Ouse at York, UK (1200–2000) Hydrological Sciences Journal, Volume 55, Issue 7, 2010. Neil Macdonald & Andrew R. Black

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