Saturday, January 02, 2016

Obliteration of one...

"The political left is extremely forgiving as long as you remain on the left. There's no sexual, moral or financial sin or wrongdoing that is too great to overlook or to forgive entirely as long as you remain committed to the left."
Never a truer word written. It is part of Laura Rosen Cohen's 'bimbo card' blog-post saying 'Trump should go Full Lewinsky'. She links to Mark Steyn whose two recent articles (A Tale of Two Bills and a day later Predators for Hilary) highlight the blinkered hypocrisy that surrounds the Clintons; more specifically 'about the obliteration of one Bill [Crosby], and the rehabilitation of the other'. Laura goes on to write that Steyn suggests that this is inherently racist but, she says, "...more than a question of race, it's a question of politics. If you are a political liberal and abuse women, all is forgiven."

The image above is of Christopher Hitchen's Book from the turn of this century: "No One Left To Lie To: The Values of the Worst Family"; so clearly not all the critics of Bill Clinton are 'of the Right' although all are surely right.  One review of the book: "...mincing no words about the long record of sexual assaults and subsequent intimidation of the victims that trailed the President from Arkansas to the Oval Office. It remains the most remarkable feature of that horrific record that neither Bill Clinton, nor any of his hatchet men and women, could ever even muster the intestinal fortitude to deny that he raped Juanita Broaddrick. And it remains an indelible stain on the much splattered escutcheon of Congressional Democrats that not a single one of them ever examined the evidence gathered by the Independent Counsel's office".[Brothers Judd]

Lying, self-serving financial skulduggery and cronyism seem - unfortunately - natural for politicians of any hue, sexual controversies less so but by no means rare (although being a serial abuser and 'occasional date rapist' is taking it too far); the lying and deviousness clearly runs deep in the Clinton family; think email scandal, Benghazi etc. IMHO just for the Benghazi debacle Hillary shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office (and imagine having her husband [in name only?] back there!) but - going back to Laura's post - "Trump needs to blow this thing up."

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