Saturday, February 20, 2016

Opt-out obnubilation...

...obscurantism, obfuscation: UK PM David Cameron keeps on about a deal, a special deal, a "'special status' for Britain within a reformed EU. He has done no such thing. His deal pretends to be legally biding but it is not."...EU Referendum, a constant and clear voice for Brexit [Flexcit: PDF] ..."This is why, on 23 June, we have to vote to leave the EU. To buy into Mr Cameron's pretence is to give him and successive politicians a license to lie. If as a people, we accept this garbage, we will take anything – and deserve what we get."

I also concur with Raedwald: "My feeling following the humiliating charade in Brussels is anger. Anger that already we're so deeply committed to the corrupt, sclerotic, arrogant Behemoth of the EU that silly little people from silly little countries can presume to dictate to the United Kingdom where and when we should pay welfare, how we regulate our financial sector and who we let in. How dare they assume such power over our sovereign kingdom!"

[edit] We can GO and I'm gladly aGOg at GOve's statement, reprinted at the Spectator "Why I’m backing Brexit" or -easier to read and without the comments - at Politics Home if you prefer.

UK Unleashed: "You're going to hear the phrase 'Little Englander' bandied about  a lot in this referendum as a device to cow you in to believing that what you're asking for is a return to yesterday and a rejection of cosmopolitan Europe."  'UK independence' will be from the corrupt and chaotic EU.

Dan the Man on Twitter: "What a lovely time of year to hold our Independence Day parties in the decades to come": Vote Leave, Take Control.

June 23rd 2016: UK Independence Day (to be confirmed?).

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