Friday, March 25, 2016

Opposing oecist odium...

The New Zealand vote to keep or change their flag ended yesterday: the vote was a 56.6% in favour of NOT changing. Well done you Kiwis; there is no need to be ashamed of your history; the government spiel on the vote tried to play on the ex colony status as a downside (and many saw the vote merely as a 'wasteful vanity project' of unpopular PM John Keys).  I must admit to be slightly surprised. The alternative (on the left in image above) is actually a really good alternative - so much better than the pap that the South Africans now have to bear. The official result will be declared on 30th March. Voter turnout was an impressive 67.3%.

Once we escape form the evil clutches of the EU (but still trade with them) we can return to a focus on a much more mutually beneficial relationship with our antipodean it should be. 

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