Friday, April 29, 2016

Orderly Orinoco outing...

"Maduro recall petition in Venezuela gets 200% more signatures than needed" [Link]....And more...on the first day! Venezuela creeps slowly towards 'salvation': recall of Krusty II Nick Ripe is now a slight possibility with the Venezuelan National Electoral Council (the awfully corrupt CNE, the Unimaginable Weasel-Fucking Doom Demon personified by Tibisay Lucena) saying about two hundred thousand signatures would be needed to spark a recall of the President. That went well:
"CNE had given us a month to collect 197,978 signatures to begin the recall process. Many multiples of that have come out to sign, handily exceeding the target in all 24 states. How many? The Wall Street Journal says 1.1 million by the end of day one. We understand the tally by the end of day two is substantially higher than that, but we haven’t been able to confirm a number."
"Know Hope"; "Nobody - not in the government, not in the opposition - was expecting the avalanche of people we've seen yesterday and today signing to request Maduro's recall" say Caracas Chronicles.

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