Friday, May 20, 2016

Optimistic online outlook...

The vote to Leave or Remain in the EU is hotting up. Interestingly the betters seem to have the Remain side winning easily (you'd think so with the with 99% of the Establishment plus the illegal use of tons of public and EU money AND every failed politician under the sun pushing that way) and most telephone polls also have Remain ahead. Strangely, when looking solely at online polls a completely different picture emerges: click on the picture to enlarge. Scrolling through the Political Betting blog you'll see most pointing towards a Remain win, including THIS craziness. However, online would be more anonymous and as we have seen before many people when polled are loathe to give their true thoughts; I think this is a very positive sign; things are hotting up but things are certainly not decided, either way. By the way, don't forget to Vote LEAVE!

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