Friday, June 17, 2016

Obnubilating obloquy...

BBC joins unbelievable media craziness: note the headline! (BBC News Home page, 20:20 pm, Friday 17th.).  I agree with every word written by James Delingpole: "Project Grief: Remain’s Dirty Politicking Has Hit an All-Time Low". The Guardian and various other publications as well as hordes on Twitter were at it immediately it hit the news with accusations about Leave, Brexit, Farage's fault etc ...IMMEDIATELY. Sick fuckers. Nearly all media called Jo Cox a "Remain MP" (not Labour MP, or female MP...). Then EU politicians piled explicitly saying she was killed because of her views on the EU: "murdered for her dedication to European democracy and humanity". WTF?

Louise Mensch wrote: "Jo Cox MP Was the Best of Britain. Politicising Her Death is the Worst". Indeed. And "It is beyond disgusting, then, to use this man’s mental collapse and psychological unsoundness as a weapon in a political campaign." By the way, the plot thickens...eye witness accounts falling apart.

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