Saturday, June 25, 2016

Online omni-incompetence...

This is funny: there is currently a petition to have a 2nd referendum... except there isn't. All of the 1.7 million (at time of writing) who have signed seem to have misread it; so have ALL the media. Read what it says very carefully. If you go to the government petition website you'll see the petition was posted in MAY (May 25th) and refers to rules for the referendum already run! It was set up the week after "2nd referendum" was in the news and David Cameron was saying it wouldn't be possible, "once in a generation, once in a lifetime", and as per his Tweet HERE.

Maybe this petition was even started by someone who favoured Leave...probably was considering it was Nigel Farage who suggested it could go to a 2nd referendum. Even funnier, if you go to the petition map you can see where most signatures are coming from: London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton...yes, you get the idea: [edit 1620 hrs] a student/millennial/snowflake brigade are on a mission - voted in numbers - yet don't seem educated enough to understand the English.


Paul Robson said...

They want it applied retrospectively.
Yes it is stupid.

Span Ows said...

Unbelievable...and amusingly they claim all the 'Leavers' are thick!