Friday, June 24, 2016

Opinium over others...

...again. And this time at least they were on the right side along with TNS. Most of the others may need to rethink their employment. Mike Smithson at Political Betting early afternoon yesterday posted the final polling table below: "Once the final polls came our I wrote that if LEAVE did it it would be as big a polling disaster as GE2015. In fact then none of the final polls were in range. At least this time two of them, TNS and Opinium, got very close and were showing LEAVE leads."

As it is, the UK has voted for BREXIT - to leave the EU - by 52% to 48% (51.9 to 48.1). Turnout was 72% overall, 73% in England. Leave won the majority of votes in England (Leave 53.4% 15,188,406 votes to Remain's 46.6% 13,266,996 votes) and Wales (Leave 52.5% 854,572 votes to Remain 47.5% 772,347 votes). Northern Ireland Remain won (44.2%, 349,442 votes to 55.8% 440,437 votes); while Scotland seemed to mirror the GE numbers with Remain majorities in all areas (Leave 38.0% 1,018,322 votes to Remain 62.0% 1,661,191)

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