Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ongoing overt omissions...

They are really so corrupt and bias it's getting to be a joke. Many people are just beginning to realise: the constant anti-Brexit juggernaut has opened many people's eyes to what some of us have known for years/decades: the BBC news gathering/broadcast and political content is bias, follows several agendas, omits facts, omits many stories altogether, stealth edits and lies. Every single day it breaks its Charter. How many times now have they been caught inventing news or accidentally on purpose rebroadcasting fake news. Then the story becomes obscured and the facts unnecessary. The current case in point: a commercial push by accountants becomes the news because it was reported by The Times as a government memo.* The Times can print what it likes; the BBC should be impartial (ha!)

I wish they'd have reported Theresa May's speech last night [LINK to text of speech in full]. Actions speak louder than words Theresa, get on with it. Some may be worried by her support for Liberalism and globalisation [but which Liberalism...and which globalisation! See seemingly contradictory article and comments HERE] etc but I'm not:
"When you fail to see that the liberal consensus that has held sway for decades has failed to maintain the consent of many people, you’re not the champion of liberalism but the enemy of it. When you dismiss the very real and deeply felt concerns of ordinary people, whether here at home or abroad, you are not acting to defend your world view but to undermine it." ... ..."So let us seize the moment. And let us do so together."
Indeed, and now we have a Trump card.

 *One wonders if the memo news was an intentional distraction...

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