Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Overpricing oranges...

"Can we have faith that the EU Customs Union is moving in the right direction and try to retain our membership? I would argue no and nothing better illustrates this than the latest sorry tale over oranges. Last month, the EU quietly increased eight tariffs on imported oranges from third party countries from 3.2% to 16.0% – a staggering fivefold increase..." Writes Dan Lewis at 'The leading Hub of the UK Economics Community' (Economic Policy Centre).
"Staying in the Customs Union is emphatically not a vote for the status quo. If we must have tariffs in the post-Brexit world, supply chains need tariff level stability. But as this latest change shows, the Customs Union doesn’t give you that. Clearly with dozens of tariffs like these changing and even being added every month, that is not on the agenda. All of which make it much harder for both suppliers and importers to build a trade business case with this kind of unpredictable, ever-changing tariff wall."
Indeed. Ows opines: Out means Out. No to the EU; no to Single Market; no to Customs Union.

Hat-tip: Brexit Central

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