Saturday, February 18, 2017

Otoise oxyphonic objections...

...from the US media who in the main are completely losing it over President Trump's constant ribbing. They are being played and they can't handle it except shout back weak insults. In the article HERE (scroll down) you'll see twenty or more of them whinging about the First Amendment, 'fake' President (oh ha ha...except he is patently NOT a fake president, I guess that's even MORE of their fake news); some mention Fascism, Nazism, Bolshevism...
No, he is declaring YOU the enemy of the people: just like the BBC news and political output in the UK. Freedom of the Press doesn't mean freedom from being called out on fake news. The media lies, omissions, stealth edits,  ignoring of facts, the one-sided bullshit fest. President Trump is calling you out. If you are intentionally misinforming the people - and you are - then you are their enemy.

Not yet a Clear and Present Danger situation but I foresee the Incitement Lawless Action being dusted off anytime soon: "The two legal prongs that that constitute incitement of imminent lawless action is as follows: Advocacy of force or criminal activity does not receive First Amendment protections if (1) the advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action, and (2) is likely to incite or produce such action." [Wiki].

By the way, he said he would too. More than once and guess what: "...good publicity is preferable to bad, but from a bottom-line perspective, bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all. Controversy, in short, sells" D. Trump, "The Art of the Deal".

From the blog post title, much of the media seem: otiose - superfluous; redundant; futile; useless...
oxyphonia - sharpness or shrillness of voice


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If you make yourself look like some stupid nerdish boring cunt that makes up daft titles then followers will think you are a cunt and stop bothering with the blog and not commentating.

People don't like cunts who are wannabe Gyles Brandreth clones.

Just saying.

Span Ows said...

Thank you for your comment. :-) I do it for me or I'd have a load of ads and click bait plus moving shit like most websites have.

"Stupid"? Far from it.
"Nerdish"? Really? I thought maybe it was someone I know.
"Boring"? LOL, if you only knew.
Cunt? Probably.

What's wrong with Gyles Brandreth?