Sunday, July 30, 2017

Occidental obeliscolychny...

Out of Africa towards the occidental obeliscolychny, the western beacon. The beacon of hope, the beacon of benefits. Europe is suffering a MASSIVE influx from Africa, they are being trafficked illegally across the Mediterranean Sea by misinformed and misguided NGOs and charities.

There has always been economic migrations but this recent influx of illegals has been going on for YEARS; more recently has accelerated vastly. In Spain in 2005 an amnesty was given to illegal immigrants giving them a chance to apply for residency, which of course gave them access to the whole EU. A natural consequence of this was more illegal immigration, exactly what the Spanish were told at the time both by their opposition and others! And so it was, in 2007 Spain was demanding much higher contributions from the EU frontier control budget for its southern border. Jump to 2015: "The multinational, multicultural and multi-religious exodus is managed and exploited by militias, criminal gangs and corrupt officials in a chain that stretches from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe." and Europol. Or 2016: "The recent findings – which are the first from new efforts in Italy to monitor migration flows through North Africa – provide strong evidence of predatory behaviour by smugglers and traffickers and the kinds of enabling environments within which trafficking and associated forms of exploitation and abuse thrive." And GEFIRA, "Caught in the act: NGOs deal in migrant smuggling"..." The NGOs are known, the boats are known.

The evidence is endless and complete; the EU has been complicit and is only now realising what it has unleashed. The ludicrous allowing of millions of "refugees" from Syria etc has spread to a major mafia led taxi service (literally) to benefit-giving Europe.

On top of this we are constantly told to have fewer babies because it harms the environment whilst at the same time we are told that immigration is vital as we are not having babies. Does. Not. Compute. Anyway, very few people realise just how FUCKING HUGE Africa is. They come and will come in droves for the free houses, the streets paved with gold, the land of milk and honey; they may not even have to work for it as the welfare benefits are so generous: see map and list HERE.  

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