Friday, July 14, 2017

Oncoming oneirodynia osmesis...

"An extra 68,000 teachers from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds need to be recruited to reflect England's school population, figures show. Just 13% of state-funded schools' teachers are currently from a BME background..." the BBC tells us. Now you may think 13% sounds about right, you may recall the consensus/ONS [Link] saying that England & Wales ethnicity has fallen to 86% (it was 94%+ in 1991) ...sooo, 14% non white pretty much equates to the numbers within the teacher ranks: 13%. However, the BBC goes on to say (finishing the sentence) "...compared to 27% of pupils." Let that sink in, that last bit: 27% of pupils in England's state school population are from black or minority ethic backgrounds. 27%! WTF? Of course that is the average; looking at the image you'll see it can reach 90% in some areas.

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