Thursday, December 28, 2017

Omniloquent observer opines on our obscurantic omphaloskepsis...

Brendan O'Neill on the button again, in Spiked-online "In 2017, our response to terrorism became dangerously passive."... "2017 might prove to be the year we caved in to terrorism.". Writing about the official response and our own response.
"In 2017 we witnessed the rise of the terror amnesia industry – an informal but effective effort by the political class and opinion-forming set to shush serious discussion about terrorism; to tame strong emotions post-terror; to make people forget, in essence, the latest bloody destruction of their fellow citizens, or at least stop thinking about it. 'Don't look back…'"
'The terror amnesia industry', yes indeed. The immediate 'Beware of backlash', 'Beware of Islamophobia', the hiding of facts the under-reporting or omission of facts...and in fact the over-reporting and highlighting of anything to deflect attention.
"This is how deeply the West’s moral cowardice now runs: we are not even permitted to name the ideology that motors the murder of our fellow citizens...."A nation that fails to get angry about the slaughter of its children, and which won’t even allow frank discussion about the ideology used to justify that slaughter, is a nation that has lost its moral anchor.
So very true. 

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