Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Ostensible oligarchic overlords...

"With each passing day I grow happier and happier that I voted for Brexit." Me too. "Ireland, the EU is playing you like a fiddle", so writes Brendan O'Neill in today's (yesterday's on UK time) Spectator. He is so, so right. The EU is being true to form: "cynical, divisive and dangerous"; I would add sinister, single-minded and cuntish. The Irish are being soft but trying to find some way of buffering the fact that, as of 2016, actually have to contribute to the EU coffers, instead of being a net recipient for the previous forty odd years; I guess that is easy to understand. All that was exacerbated today with a plethora of fake news. She said, he said they said...all without any quotes at all, just hear-say about what would happen re the Irish border. A whole day of complete made-up shit. Instant access 24 hour round the clock ticker-tape news is getting worse. The tail is now wagging several dogs! Just wait for the news then give the facts please. Also, you. uttertwats. (apologies for so many Twatter links).

Update: double twat khant!

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