Friday, January 26, 2018

Obfuscating obscurantism...

BBC = Ministry of Truth. Irony lost on BBC
"Is it time to rein in the BBC?" writes David Hardy on Comment Central. Firstly the most amazing thing is that David is a university lecturer by profession! Clearly he has avoided the brainwashing that effects a large majority of the UK population's educators. Apart from that the article is spot on concentrating on the BBC's coverage of Donald Trump. Their crazed obsession is patent and getting more blatant, they simply don't care anymore. The daily lies, spin and omission that is their news and political coverage has been going on for at least 25 years - much longer really but 25 years since I have been highlighting it to anyone who'll listen.

David's piece is excellent: "Relentless. Bitter. Juvenile. BBC coverage is also hysterical and quite frankly has now become a national embarrassment. This is not journalism. It’s political activism, pure and simple." Just as Mark Mardell's Obama coverage was so painfully pathetically obsequious as to be almost unreadable, so Jon Sopel's and Anthony Zurcher's (BBC North America editor and North America Correspondent respectively) coverage of Donald Trump is equally unreadable due to their equally pathetic "coverage": they have NO interest in news or facts, they want unresearched tabloid gossip, hearsay and fake news, which they will then trumpet to the world. James Cook, another of the BBC's North American 'correspondents' (ha!) takes the biscuit: "[Trump] has sought to undermine the free press, repeatedly dismissing inconvenient or critical journalism as 'fake news'." No James, he outs fake news as fake news. Can you name anything that The Donald has called fake news that wasn't fake news? He has been right every time. I nominated BBC in the fake news awards, the list was endless and they break their Charter EVERY day.
"For make no mistake, the BBC is determined to do all it can to undermine the Trump presidency in just the same way it is attempting to sabotage the Brexit vote. While a toothless political class looks limply on, the national broadcaster grows ever more audacious, emboldened by lack of regulation and timorous politicians the BBC is an organisation now out of control."
The BBC will never disappear completely but it must be broken up. Broadcasting and Production must be completely separated. Most of their TV channels and radio stations can go. It needs root and branch reform of the news and political coverage. Let them be the public service broadcaster they should be. Apparently the BBC's Mission is to "inform, educate and entertain"; by lying, by omitting, by focusing on their own agenda does not inform, educate nor entertain. Their Values state that they are "independent, impartial and honest". Laughable. NO THEY ARE NOT! Financed by a tax collected on threat of gaol they are extremely partisan, glaringly biased and clearly dishonest. THERE IS NO DOUBT.

Update: As if on cue, Brexit Central with a David Keighley report on the blatant bias, undeniable. [LINK to PDF]

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