Tuesday, January 02, 2018

On oikophobia...

Happy New Year! I have mentioned oikology before but only in terms of The Donald's housekeeping; I also had a copy of Roger Scruton's "England And The Need For Nations" [Civitas PDF] when I was looking up 'oikophobia (also PDF)' a few years back so in no way has he "coined" this phrase in his new book, as The Conservative Woman* blog states: he coined it years, nay decades ago. * That said, the rest of the blog "We’re coming after you, oikophobes!" [Link] is really good and worth a read:
"[Scruton] uses it to describe the attitude of a person who repudiates home – that is, people’s need for home and for their inherited way of life. It denotes contempt or disdain for the common man and our national culture. It is to be found in the universities and the channels of elite communication ‘and has been a force in politics out of all proportion to its place in the ordinary citizen’s heart’. 
It is this attitude which leads elites to designate natural concerns and life experiences as xenophobic or racist."
The ever sinister Heseltine gets a mention and so too Adonis "Oikophobe-of-the-week"! hehehe

If indeed you need convincing about the book, the review on Amazon is enough (for me at least!): "While everyone else panics and reacts, Scruton thinks. And produces answers." Douglas Murray.

Some key phrases are repeated (from the aforementioned 'England And The Need For Nations' and in speeches: e.g. in Belgium almost 12 years ago [yes, a perusal would also be well worth your time]: "Roger Scruton on Immigration, Multiculturalism and the Need to Defend the Nation State") but important nonetheless: "Oikophobia is a stage through which the adolescent mind all but inevitably passes. But it is also a stage in which we can become arrested." The lefty luvvies and IYIs that is.

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