Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ongoing operations; oncoming ochlesis...

There is no housing crisis: there is an immigration crisis. *
There is no hospital/A&E crisis: there is an immigration crisis.  *
There is no school-place/teacher crisis: there is an immigration crisis. *
There is no doctor/nurse numbers crisis: there is an immigration crisis. *
There is no police/fire service crisis: there is an immigration crisis. *
There is no infrastructure/road crisis: there is an immigration crisis. *
There is no employment crisis: there is an immigration crisis. *  **

Ochlesis is the sickness resulting from overcrowded living conditions, there is a lot of space in our green and pleasant land BUT the UK cannot cope with the continued net migration of a quarter of a million people EVERY year; every year in fact since vampire Tony Blair and his New Labour traitors came to power: a huge increase in 1997 and a further equally huge increase in 2003 from which the average has never really come down. [Migration Watch: it "didn’t just happen; the deliberate policy of Ministers from late 2000...was to open up the UK to mass immigration"] Labour wanted more voters, simple as...and Labour Lite (previously called the Conservative Party) continued unabashed. Is this going to be a major cause of civil unrest, if we don't have Holy war first? There is another factor: I am willing to bet everything I own (OK, that's not much) that the emigration does NOT match the net immigration in terms of 'type of person'; by that I mean that although many emigrating will be students finishing their courses, workers finishing their contract etc., many will also be a brain drain, a white flight, call it what you will. Money will be leaving, contributors will be leaving and takers will be arriving.
Yes, a gross generalisation that I cannot prove...but I'd still bet everything that it's true. Go to ANY part of England and you will see thousands of houses being built, THOUSANDS. We are hardly building at all on 'brownfield'/urban sites; we are carving up and destroying FOR EVER, new 'greenfield' land, mature countryside. Anyone who has traveled by train will see thousands on the approach to every urban station acres of mess, crumbled old factories, deserted rubble-strewn wastelands that are NOT being built on...why? Water, gas, electric will already mostly be there, approach roads are already there; nearby schools and shops are already there.

* All this is straight forward and luckily it also has a very simple solution; with the will it could be implemented in a week.
** A total of 497,000 National Insurance Numbers were issued to adult EU nationals in the year ending December 2017 (no non-EU counted in that total...)

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