Monday, April 30, 2018

Obvious obscurantism IV...

And such obscurantism indeed! What with the Brexit debacle, with the House of Lords and Civil Service advisers blatantly trying to overturn the country's will. "Disfunctional mandarins must be culled" [and not only re Brexit]: once again Raedwald hits the spot, putting into words what every sane person in the country (that is aware of any news) is thinking:
"It takes a certain stubborn stupidity to make errors so gross, so culpable, so utterly mindlessly inane and keep on making them again and again, but the senior civil servants running the Home Office have made a career of it. The minister has had to go, of course, and this is right. But if one of her muppets had explained to her that they would be deporting"...
..."As Brexit has shown, the top ranks of the civil service are in desperate need of root and branch reform. Criteria for promotion and selection for mandarin rank are clearly disfunctional if such pointless, useless muppets continue to be appointed to PUS and second and third tier posts. Ministers deserve more; Amber Rudd deserved more. For Gods sake, let's use Common Sense as a prime candidate criterion, not Common Purpose."

Most of the comments suggest that The Home Office is well aware and that this is definitely no accident: indeed the UK version of the Deep State is full of the sort of people that still think communism can succeed.

Back to Brexit; my rant re the eternal whining of champagne socialist Remainers, in reply to the Tweet (left): I don't understand? I agree about the owls BUT ...'Does J.K. Rowling not know that Remain lost? They were the fear-mongering, they were more racist and insulting. They were more EU corrupt flag-wavers. And narrowly won? Is she kidding? That 4% difference in perspective of other referendums is MASSIVE, the Welsh Assembly for instance won with 50.3%...yes, fifty point three percent; did anyone moan? MASSIVE too when you think 80% of the cabinet voted Remain, 57% CON MPs voted Remain, 96% Labour MPs voted Remain, 100% Lib Dem and 100% SNP voted Remain. Nearly ALL big business voted Remain and encouraged their work-forces to vote Remain; the government illegally used nearly 10 million quid to send leaflets to most households encouraging people to vote Remain. Almost very single world leader said we should Remain including that twat Obama (even the ones who have since said they can't wait to do a deal: Australia, Japan etc). The constant lies and scare tactics by EVERYONE involved in the Remain campaign...their rebuttal? "oooh, but, but...the bus the bus" (which was not a lie by the way). They blamed the death of Jo Cox on Brexit too and seem to forget that everyone under 40-45 knows nothing other than life inside the EU. Plus the status quo always has a built in advantage (fear of change etc)....and still...STILL Leave won!! Don't they realise the massive, MASSIVE significance of that? Most incredible of all, none of the tsunami of whinging fuckwits like that Gina woman, Gary Wankeker, Rowling (have they taken in any refugees yet by the way in their multiple massive properties? They seemed to think we should) and Voldermort (Adonis!) et al, seem to realise that they are the problem and I have yet to hear anything...ANYTHING positive about remaining. They simply cannot put the positives; they just slag off and belittle "Leavers". CUNTS And I forgot to mention most of the 'slebs', the Church, the Courts, the Charities; in fact every fucker they asked said we should Remain. And who can forget the BBC bias!!! National EU [anti Britain really, in everything] propaganda channel...ALL CUNTS!!!'

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