Saturday, September 07, 2013

Obama's offspring II...

[edited 11:45, reedited for typos!] "…When there is a lack of honor in government, the morals of the whole people are poisoned." ** I wrote this post a week or so ago and decided not to post it but it does tie in with current news. IMHO Benghazi was far worse than Watergate, far worse than the Iran Contra affair. How POTUS "and top administration officials deliberately and repeatedly lied to the American public...[aiding?] a well-armed al-Qaeda army that is already attacking our interests and fueling conflicts worldwide" [Link]. Well, including an administration being caught red-handed manipulating the IRS for political purposes and taking into account the multiple Impeachable Offenses "that the president's defenders will find troublesome", what could be worse? Fomenting internal strife would be worse; you maybe think you spot Ows hyperbole but... reading the opening quote to this blog-post and recalling that Obama decided to stir up racial tensions (at the time two weeks after the event and all the while knowing what the police knew) he said "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon"; later, six days after the George Zimmerman not-guilty verdict he does it again "Trayvon Martin could have been me thirty-five years ago" (ha!). I thought these were just typical of a plethora of Obama's seemingly cretinous statements but I hope it isn't more sinister and part of a general symptom of virulent black racism being the new normal (to use Colin Flaherty's phrase):
'Black mob violence is now so frequent and intense that even big city editors can’t keep it out of the news anymore. [...] The psychiatrists tell us we are only as sick as our secrets. Nothing inspires more secrecy than race. And no one is trying to keep the secrets more than the liberals who run the newsrooms and city halls across the country.'
Colin's book certainly hit home last year and continues to do so.  "But who’s to say what would happen if black America exerted even half of the emotional fervor and brainpower it does over cases like Martin’s to thinking about how to keep black boys from going wrong?" - John McWhorter ...with links to how the numbers don't lie. "The media needs to be as honest with black people as we need to be with ourselves. No group gets ahead by turning away from its real problems."

I enjoyed the 'Conversation' HERE. First Joel Pollak was saying the the media tit-for-tat was pointless: 'this is a game without winners. I'd rather not play'. "Yes, there is a crime problem in the black community. Yes, there is an failure among black leaders, from Obama on down, to do anything about it. That story doesn't need new white victims to make it potent." Then John Hayward: "What we need is a full frontal assault on gang culture, something on the scale of the media-savvy full-spectrum assault on George Zimmerman's imaginary racism...." and finally, with key points if you ask me, Debra Heine: "But when an incident like the Trayvon Martin killing happens, what we see is a whirlwind of political activity - the race hustlers move in with their bull-horns, the media runs with their racialist narrative, and white liberals, steeped in white guilt, try to outdo each other proving how morally outraged they are about the incident... A sort of mass hysteria ensues. It takes a sort of hysterical blindness not to see the evidence".

Now, before the shrieks of hysteria start I would like to add that statistically the rate of violent crime in the USA - albeit high by first-world standards - is falling and the homicide rate has been falling steadily for centuries when population is considered (an aside: how weird is this?) My point is why does Obama accidentally on purpose always make things worse, surely all these young men - that would look like his son if he had one - need to be told something more than excuses from the race industry hustlers and seeming encouragement from the president; surely he's not a racist? He could be but it certainly seems like everyone who disagrees with him is.

** 'Our Greatest Danger' (Herbert Hoover 31st POTUS)

Update 8 pm BST: that 2nd last link names 15 moronic things that liberals blame on racism against Obama: now it's moronic 16.


Paul said...

Good post, really 'enjoyed' the links.

Starting at the end first the graph of homicide trends was interesting, in the U.K there was a rise post 1945 which was put down to families being separated after the war and the rise of organised violence in the years that followed.

Re the black on white arguments/articles its depressing because as one article suggests the will is there but it needs a concerted national effort which doesn't seem to be. I actually think much of liberal America is still on some sort of guilt trip that has been going on since 1963 and much like the U.K it has bent so far backwards that it can actually kiss its own arse.

Span Ows said...

Thanks Paul and I mean that sincerely because I know this could be a polemic issue: it just seems every time I skim the US press there is another beating/murder/flash mob story with not very nice undertones and consequences. Your last sentence is so true, I am sure the 60's flower power free love generation is a very big part of the root cause of so many problems we see today.