Sunday, June 29, 2008

Only one other...

Google Euro 2008 - SpainBBC: "Spain claimed their first major title for 44 years after winning Euro 2008 with a deserved victory over Germany"...and they deserved it, no doubts, no what-ifs, no dodgy referee or offside descisions...they won all their games and they looked good; Germany played a better game tonight than they had done in all the qualifying rounds...they nearly pulled off what everyone expected...but they didn't and to be honest Spain could have had at least 2 or 3 more goals: 15 shots to Germany's 4 (mind you, Germany had 4 shots against Turkey and got 3 goals!) Well done Spain...about fucking time! ;-)

The "only one other" in the title was explained by Baldinio: he wrote on this post a comment thus:

Spain must not win Euro 2008 at any costs - all English fans realise this and the horror that would be unleashed if they did. It's nothing against the great underachievers of European international teams but it will mean that England will drop to last place on the roll of honour among international countries since their last victory in a major competition.

He went on to say..."It could read:

2008 - Spain >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2006 - Italy (World Cup)
2004 - Greece >>>>>>>>>>>>>>2000 - France
1998 - France (World Cup) >>>1996 - Germany
1992 - Denmark >>>>>>>>>>>>1990 - Germany (World Cup)
1988 - Holland >>>>>>>>>>>>>1984 - France
1982 - Italy (World Cup) >>>>>1980 - (West) Germany
1976 - Czecholslovakia >>>>>>>1974 - (West) Germany (World Cup)
1972 - (West) Germany >>>>>>1968 - Italy

1966 - England!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spain are currently last on 1964!"

...not any more.We're next: WE'RE NEXT! South Africa here we come!! ...and we'll have Italy to thank! Look at the coaching staff (that's Baldini not Baldinio!) What say an England vs. Spain final in 2010?

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Gavin Corder said...

If you didn't already know it, one could hazard a guess that Baldinio was an accountant.

Paul said...

Thanks Gavin! I did get called an actuary on 5Live last weekend which was a insult, acturaies are people who find accountancy too exciting.

Anyway - well done Spain, richly deserved and shows what happens when you stick to a formation, plan and tactic - and of course having good players.

I'm really pleased Xavi was player of the tournament, he's always been underrated in my view alongside the stars at the Nou Camp.

And just to completely enhance my reputation as an anorak, no it's okay I'll save that one......

Span Ows said...

Oh go on... :-)

Something about your beloved Barça no doubt. La Porta is being hounded...