Saturday, June 21, 2008

Outstanding odds...

Update: Sunday 22nd June: 4th time lucky! Yep, not just for me - having seen my previous 3 quarter-final winner predictions fail - but also 4th time lucky for Spain who tonight won despite the odds having lost before on the very same date...3 times!

"And it was a change of fortune for the Spanish, who have gone out of three major championships on 22 June, the World Cups of 1986 and 2002 and Euro '96 - all in the quarter-finals on penalties."

This doesn't include another 3 times (so 6 in all) they've been knocked out of World or European Cups in the quarter-finals on penalties since 1984.
Outstanding indeed: tonight in Euro 2008 I got the 3rd - of four - results wrong; well, I speak of who I wanted to win not whom I thought would win. In the first quater-final I wanted Portugal but thought Germany; later I wanted Croatia but also thought Croatia and I wanted Holland and thought Holland would win: 3 times how wrong I've been: tonight Russia were outstanding, completely dominating throughout and derailing the Orange omnibus...they deserved it and played the best game I've seen this far in the competition...except, ironically, for the Dutch in their previous games! If anyone stood out it was, for the Dutch, Van der Sar (!!!) and for the Russians Pavluchenko but moreso the rosy-cheeked Arshavin who from the first 5 minutes looked completely knackered...he looked the same after 120 minutes after having played some divine football and is now surely worth far more than his weight in gold!...come on Arsene and Arsenal, pay Zenith St. Petersbourg what they want; with a name like his there's only one place he belongs.

Of course now I have a dilemma for the last quarter-final tomorrow: do I want Spain...or do I pretend to want Italy (in the hope that Italy lose!)? That won't work will it! Doh!

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bonnie said...

I thought it was just me that let the heart rule the head in picking the winner.

bonnie said...

And now my heart will have to rule.
I would have gone for a Germany v Russia final after The Netherlands were put out but now that Spain is through my support will have to change.
Germany v Spain final, with Spain to win.
I'll either be celebrating with the Rioja or crying with my hosts.

Span Ows said...

I think a Spain vs. Russia final...but I don't think even Platini can blag that.

Turkey vs. Spain (heart) Germany vs. Russia (head). Turkey vs. Russia (half heart) Germany vs. Spain (half head) :-)

bonnie said...

Espero estar en una barra en Espana in time for Thursdays kick off.... will don a red and yellow dress in support :)

Span Ows said...

Pues disfrútalo, si ya estar aqui escuchaste todos los petardos anoche! San Juan...

My eldest boy is coming over with a bunch of mates...but doesn't like futbol! PAH!

Anonymous said...

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