Sunday, August 03, 2008

Olympics: only one other...

Rebecca Romero
No doubt this won't be my first post about the upcoming Olympic Games in China and it isn't even my first post about naked cyclists but it is worth a mention: Rebecca Romero could become only the second British athlete EVER to win medals in different events (hence the title).

She was so disappointed after winning silver as a rower at the 2004 Games in Athens... ...Having reinvented herself as one of the world's top cyclists she will now seek to make history in Beijing as the first British woman to win Olympic medals in two separate summer sports.

That's from the Telegraph website: only a true winner would be that disappointed with silver!

The stripping off bit is part of the Powerade promotion and also involves Phillips Idowu (Triple Jump medal hope) and swimmer Gregor Tait (nice buns girls!): they all look pretty damn good 'in gold' HERE on the Powerade site (it's the official sports drink of the Beijing Games). The pictures - including the one above - are by Nadav Kander, especially for the campaign.
What absolutely stunned me was the date she took up cycling as a sport...20 years ago? 10 years ago? 5 years ago?...nope...two (2) years ago but she "is now favourite for gold in the 3000m individual pursuit in which she is already world champion." Blimey...what a gal!

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Anonymous said...

Been a while!
The original games for half a century were performed by naked athletes!
Think they should reinstate the tradition?


Gavin Corder said...

Oi there's a naked woman on a bike in this post!

Glad to see you revisted my bog! BTW I've done another one. Gosh! (Well you said I should make an announcement).

Span Ows said...

Hi kenji...glad to hear from you again. Yes I was tempted to add how the Greeks were a bit au fait with athletic bodies on display...of cours ethey watched the games and then went home to enjoy a some know the type I mean (not scout knot-tying practice)

Gav old bean...yes, she naked but she's also fit...and quite good at sports.

Ahha, a post...I shall away to read it!

Anonymous said...

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