Monday, October 11, 2010

Oncoming oligophagous options...

Oligophagous, adj. - eating a few sorts of food only.

In Venezuela, having only a few sorts of food is the likely future: hot on the heels of the Agroisleña (now to be called Agropatria, no really!) takeover last week Hugo showed yesterday that the trend continues when he announced, again on 'Aló, Presidente' a similar takeover of Fertinitro. This nationalization, said Chavez, would achieve "real and effective implementation of national plans for planting and production made necessary by the Executive and Socialist Plan for Agricultural and Food Sovereignty". Very Stalinesque. Interesting then, that  back in 2005, after "sabotage" of the oil and petrochemical industry, Crusty decreed the creation of Pequiven, parent company of Fertinitro, the precise aim of which was to meet domestic demand for fertilizer and boost the "National Sowing Plan" (ahem)...a program that "advances the Bolivarian Government". Yep, next week he announces record harvest and tractor production stats!

I've also just seen another sad tale, I had visited this farm, look what has become of it. I know similar tales in other farms I have visted and worked on. I hope deananash doesn't mind me copying here most of his - the first on that blogpost - comment:
""A picture is truly worth a thousand words." When one steals a man's work (production), it is morally equivalent to 'killing' him – at least in terms of the amount of time it took him to produce whatever was stolen...

Every theft by this government is the moral equivalent to murdering its citizens. Only in this case, it’s death by a thousand cuts.

And EVERYONE is going to pay."
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SimonF said...

The socialists will give us their three responses:

1. The end justifies the means or

2. This isn't socialism - normally follows a few years after the first when even the most misty eyed lefty realises that that yet again socialism has failed. See also Zimbabwe.

Between 1 and 2 we will get the other rants that it is the evil capitalists that are causing it to fail through economic sabotage.

Span Ows said...

Hi Simon, yep, doesn't look good but still they crow in support. Things are getting worse at a faster rate since the elections two weeks ago, Hugo still won but it was close and even with fiddling there was only about 100,000 votes between the opposition and the government in the popular vote, this shocked Chavez and so the speed of taking control has accelerated.

Anonymous said...

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