Thursday, April 14, 2011

On octane...

Just added the image I promised; if you enlarge it you can see the 'ghost' of Ows. For some reason I couldn't upload it in the land of militias ** but now in Bogota my Blackberry works (odd really considering there are probably more Blackberrys in Venezuela than in the rest of the continent!).

** This is serious: "nobody ... can topple the revolution". Owsblog has rattled on about it for years: these militias are really in parallel and contra to the armed forces; mark my words, even if Chavez loses fair and square next year there will be blood.

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Paul said...

Ah the use of the word contra in a tale about South America, Ronnie Reagan where are you?

I've followed your Clown posts over the years with interest without really being able to add anything constructive - as this post most clearly demonstrates - however they have widened my knowledge considerably.

Span Ows said...

Thanks Paul I know it's a lot more complicated than I make out too. That said, and as I have said before there are some good things going on. Lots of people making lots of money too, Hugo wouldn't like that but he has created the conditions!