Monday, July 04, 2011

Orinoco obambulation...

Wandering aimlessly: this and that in Venezuela. First yesterday's dire 0-0 draw in the Copa America: Brazil were shite and Venezuela got a valuable point. Pantallero* Neymar and Venezuela coach Cesar Farias are still at it. I've seen three Santos games this year and Neymar was shit and selfish in all of them (now I've said this it means he will go on to be the new Ronaldo/Messi combined).

Also Krusty has returned home (not to be too mean but that name is sounding more appropriate every day!); needless to say his serious illness** hasn't helped his non-existent humility as much as I hoped it would: it's only the start of the return. He has cried off tomorrow's Independence celebrations, I await some sort of 'show'. Venezuela, a land Columbus (Colon) called paradise, the 'Land of Grace' [oops] was the first Spanish American colony to declare independence although this faltered a couple of times over the following decade the original day is still celebrated (5th July 1811) Much of the country's history is dominated by political/military leaders: caudillos, usually with the help of an 'oligarchy'; some good some bad, for various reasons my 'favourite' is José Antonio Páez [Wiki]

* Venezuelan meaning.
** This will probably get the Ven mafia after me but I believe I know what troubles Krusty; I hinted at it recently when I mentioned waste disposal outlets and said "don't ask"...before all was revealed. You see, back in May he was treated for a 'carnosidad anal', a fleshy growth in the anus, and before that in February he was treated for a prostate problem; now he has been treated for cancer 'down there'. It could be he was unlucky and had "normal" prostrate or colon cancer, BUT (and I must stress I have no evidence AT ALL) but it COULD be because of overuse of drug cocktails administered via suppositories. I don't mean recreational drug use, I mean he has been trying to run the country himself for over a decade, which included 8 hour marathon live TV every Sunday...a Mars a day wouldn't help much.

That said, I wish him a speedy recovery because I want him and his Boliburguesía to lose fair and square next year; he's been sliding so fast downhill (not health-wise!) that even Noam is critical! However, the state of the opposition tends to reflect the football game 0-0 with nothing much happening.

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Paul said...

Brazil were playing like Arsenal - all pretty football and no end product!

Span Ows said...

Ooooh...that was mean.