Sunday, August 07, 2011

Orchestrated obscurantism...

John Ward at The Slog writes so well; yesterday's essay ("A brief history of amoral mediocrity") was especially good; one solution: Radical Realism and Accountable Leadership...if only. Political cynicism, a manipulated and manipulating media, an electorate lacking in discernment...we really do 'believe any old bollocks'.

Anyway, John comments on some complex issues that simply aren't black and white, however, in the case of the riots and looting in NW London last night, that might be exactly what it is! "Overly tolerant multicultural bollocks is going to have a lot to answer for before we’re finished…as is the Chipping Norton set."

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Paul said...

Thanks for the link.

re John Ward, I think my worst nightmare must be coming true, either that or I have suddenly discovered a previously untapped vein of common sense, I turning into a right wing person!

Span Ows said...

Paul, sit down, you'll get over it! hahaha. The Slog is very good and interesting reading, obviously not 100% in line with my own opnions! No, I seriosuly believe most people are naturally 'right of centre' although many would shudder at the thought and really such lineal left/right pigeonholes are totally wrong anyway. I think that was New Labours main intent, be where 'most people are' and keep power, unfortunately as we all know and as the [not so] old saying goes "Events, dear boy, events".