Friday, October 07, 2011

Odious ophidian...

Well, the fat useless (but highly paid) git isn't really ophidian (snake-like) but he certainly spits venom; no doubt he also writes in green ink; ironically this is how he accuses Sarah Palin of being "Shriekily filled with venom" against Obama. The Aged P over at Biased BBC rips MM a new one, deservedly so as MM starts with a complete lie and the article goes downhill from there in a lying shit-fest opinion piece. Is it really so news-worthy that someone not running for POTUS announces they're not running for POTUS?

P.S. More great reading on why Mark Mardell isn't fit for purpose.

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Paul said...

Sorry but I think the idea of Palin getting anywhere near the White House is scary.

Span Ows said...

...but you don't spend your entire highly-visible, widely-circulated, impartial (ha!), taxpayer-funded international media time being very economical with the truth and slagging her off; Mardell does.