Monday, November 07, 2011


They've done it again! Venezuela has produced another title-winning beauty; this time the winner is an orphan raised by nuns: Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares. The blog title refers to the demonstrators outside where at least one placard read 'Miss-Ogynist'; these protesters think this sort of show is the soft end of porn by "reducing women down to the sum of their parts"; Kat Banyard, founder of the UK Feminista (apparently for men too - no, honestly) and author of 'The Equality Illusion', goes further: "...Miss World has absolutely no place in a world that treats women and men equally" because it indoctrinates people with its "very harmful" and "toxic" ideals**...right love...Ivian has already created her own foundation to help children (as well as wanting to work with children) comes from a very religious background (and country) and lives in a region devout to the Coromoto Virgin (Virgin Patron of Venezuela). Click on image for miss World site.

** Just a thought but do men protest at the male equivalent beauty contests?

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