Thursday, June 13, 2013

Obama omissions...

There are so many Obama administration 'scandals' at the moment that if it were still President G.W. Bush the BBC would have little time to cover anything else. However, "'there’s absolutely no buck stopping anywhere near President Obama’s desk' when it comes to accepting responsibility over the many scandals plaguing his administration'. The American Thinker today has a good article on Hillary's 'infamous' line "What difference, at this point, does it make". What should worry us is that "The message that Obama’s wave of scandals projects to the world is that the United States is becoming increasingly unstable" [Danny de Gracia, WT]. That said, some aren't scandals: some are what has and will always go on; others are simple opportunism; some are incompetence but some are scandals, red in tooth and claw, worse some say than Watergate...but you wouldn't know it from most reporting. One that stands out for me (in light of my post after Woolwich) and one the British public know more about thanks to the Guardian, is a little more serious. The cartoon left (click to enlarge) says it all: protection from terrorism is the excuse given yet in the current world we live in there is one section that seems to be posing much more of a threat, we learn that in all the surveillance of  just about everyone, mosques have been off-limits; it is worth pointing out that one of the Boston bombers 'made extremist outbursts' during worship at his mosque. Heal thyselves!

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