Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obambulating Ows observing opiparous one-off...

Well maybe some football geek can tell me if this IS actually a one-off or not (albeit not ruling out the future) or am I deluding myself and it happens every few years! I do believe this is the first time that there are 8 (EIGHT!) teams in with a real shout of qualifying for the 2010 football World Cup. Only Brazil and Paraguay are already qualified with the chasing Chile needing only a point to be through, albeit not in the 3rd place they currently hold though, but a win today would guarantee them that spot. Then there are 5 more teams who could theoretically take the 4th spot or get 5th and go on to the play-offs; see table HERE. And then HERE is a good little write-up of the 3 key games this afternoon..."Final Spots Up For Grabs"

Venezuela (currently 7th with 21 points) vs Paraguay (2nd, 30 points)
Ecuador (4th, 23 points) vs Uruguay (6th, 21 points)
Colombia (8th, 20 points) vs Chile (3rd, 27 points)

I'm in Guayaquil for the Ecuador vs. Uruguay match although the game is in Quito later (where I was this morning!) the Uruguayan team were still here...the Ecuatorians have got a psychological boost already due to the Uruguayan team having their kit stolen! []

"This is arguably the most important match on the continent this weekend."

Update: well, it's set up for a thriller, as these things often are: Venezuela lost to Paraguay 1 - 2 so are out of contention and Paraguay 2nd to Brazil only on goal difference (a BIG difference); Chile fought off Colombia 2 - 4 and so claim 3rd overall with a final game against Ecuador who lost 1 - 2 with the last (controversial penalty) kick of the game against Uruguay; an undeserved loss for Ecuador IMHO as for the first half and most of the 2nd it was like Man Utd vs. Wimbledon. On Wednesday if Uruguay beat Argentina they claim the 4th and last automatic qualifying spot whilst Argentina will take 5th...a win for Argentina or a draw and those positions are reversed...BUT, still in with a mathematical chance is Ecuador who, if they win can claim that 5th spot and a chance in a play-off; if they win by 5 (!!!) they could even claim 4th IF the other two draw.

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Paul said...

I think you'll find it happened as long ago as 2006 when up to week 16everybody but Bolivia could at least make the Oceania play-off.

Paul said...

I love a challenge! 1998, up to week 16 everybody but Venezuela could at least make the play-off.

Span Ows said...

That long ago! ;-)

I didn't realise Venezuela had done that well before. Shows how much I know about it!

P.S. You were the geek I had in mind as I recall a post of yours about the Americas Cup and/or the South American WC qualifiers a while ago...would it have been on your WC blog?

Span Ows said...

oi! let me answer first! simultaneous posting strikes again!