Saturday, November 07, 2009

Oborne on odurate ogre's oligophrenia...

Gordon brown scorched earth policyPeter Oborne in today's Mail online really puts the boot in and rightly so; I sincerely hope most people in the UK now realise that although Brown claimed the credit for the fact that the strength of the economy allowed him to boost spending on schools and hospitals he never once acknowledged that the conditions for his initial success - that he soon wasted by the rape and pillage of Prudence - were due to the actions of the previous (Conservative) administration.

Now, in fact all this year, Gordon Brown is in a very similar position to John Major in 1996 - 97 but there is no sign of the "magnanimity and sense of public duty" shown by John Major (or for that matter Jim Callaghan in 1979).

Very much the opposite: it now looks very much as if he has launched what some Whitehall officials describe a 'scorched-earth policy'.

What is clear, and what Oborne goes on to say, is that Crash Gordon is now "governing Britain purely for partisan or even personal advantage rather than in the national interest." Many have thought this for many months, because clearly, realising that the next General election is probably already lost (not a foregone conclusion but not many will be putting money on a Labour victory!) Brown is basically making sure the next Administration is deep in the brown stuff...oh I say!

Gordon Brown's only motivation in office now seems to be to try to guarantee that Britain is ungovernable if Cameron wins power. Not only is this tactic reckless and shameful, it means that the British people will pay a devastatingly high price for the last six months of Brown's profligate government.

Read more from Peter Oborne. "You may be doomed, Mr Brown, but stop dragging us down too": Daily Mail

Image credit and hat tip to Conservative Home: image and first link take you there.

oligophrenia: n. - feeble-mindedness
obdurate: adj. - obstinate; hard-hearted.
ogre: n. - a hideous, cruel giant of fairy tales/folklore that feeds on humans: a monster: a dreaded person

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Simon Fawthrop said...

One thing that has always worried me is that Brown has made politics personal. It isn't that he disagrees politically with Cameron and the Tories, he hates them and from what I read loathes Cameron. This is all consuming which is why he and his acolytes are prepared to fuck-up the economy hoping that the Tories get the blame.

The man is dangerous and should be removed forthwith and if the PLP doesn’t do it they should all be charged with treason.

Simon Fawthrop said...

They really have lost the plot:

Paul said...

The proposed tax on every bank transaction is taxation for its own sake - another example of a party flat on its back, legs in the air but continuing to protest that it's not dead only resting.

I'd say that Brown's political outlook has been personal since he took over from TB. He's a crazed Charlie Bucket running lose in Willy Wonker's factory eating all the chocolate.

Span Ows said...

Great image of the Choc factory frenzy! That link TGS is great, "Badger and Brownstuff" ROFL, I shouldn't laugh but I've been using 'Brownstuff' for 2 years as my tag to the political posts.

The "scorched earth" link leads to the January phrase when they ask is he the most dangerous man in Britain...I suspect the realisation that Blair had flown the coup and left him with the smoking gun/red handed/blood on his hands/whatever he just flipped...

Also the QE, used to stimulate the economy, has virtually all of it has gone to buy government debt (175 billion nad 155 billion on Gilts) Plus another 25 to follow...GRAPH

BoM says:

Now, by some spooky coincidence, £175bn just happens to be exactly what the government projected in its April Budget as being its total borrowing this year. And by an even spookier coincidence, today's announced £25bn increase in QE for the rest of the year just happens to be the borrowing overrun the government will announce in its forthcoming Pre-Budget Report (don't believe me? just watch). mssaive and growing debt

Paul said...

Sometimes it isn't coincidence, they do actually do joined up politics, however stupid the outcome. Either that or they are luckier than anybody has the right to be!