Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Orgasms: ollapod's ophelimity...

ESSM - Inhibited Desire Disorder"Come on luv, give us a smile." "I can't manage that but how about a quick shag?"... A drug that underwent tests for use as an antidepressant has being called 'Viagra for women' after "surprising but not unpleasant side effects. In three separate trials, the drug flibanserin did wonders for women's flagging sex drive despite doing nothing to lift mood." [BBC] As would be expected some doctors are sceptical about use of medication to boost a female's sex drive but I don't know why, if certain foods and drink can then it seems logical and obvious that some sort of pill could be found: just like men, why would women be so different; the European Society for Sexual Medicine (click on image) tells us that

"Recent research suggests that approximately 40% of women may be affected by some sexual dysfunction."

Also, as I've mentioned before, more than once, one of the many sexual myths is that women, all women, experience orgasm with "penile penetration and thrusting" whereas research has shown that probably only one in four achieve orgasm in this manner!!! "A difference in sexual desire is one of the most common problems couples face and can cause much unhappiness and frustration if it is not talked about. Tiredness, depression, illness, stress, anxiety, relationship disharmony, drug or alcohol abuse can affect energy levels and sexual desire." No joking matter; so the lips are sealed.

ollapod n. - pharmacist
ophelimity n. - the ability to please (sexually)

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Paul said...

"whereas research has shown that probably only one in four achieve orgasm in this manner"

There you go, boasting again.

Span Ows said...

jajajajaja! I should remember not to eat crumbly biscuits whilst raading your comments...that's the 2nd time in a week or so that it's happened.

bonnie said...

Use your brain ...and a bit like enjoying good food and wine ... share the taste ... and pleasure. A lot is in the mind and being relaxed , able to talk about what makes you feel good ..being comfortable in your skin that sounds familiar. :)

Span Ows said...

Exactly Bonnie, I agree entirely. I suspect a very large percentage of those with some sort of sexual "disorder" could easily be "cured" just by relaxing and sharing (that includes talking about it!)