Monday, November 30, 2009

Overarching outcomes of outsourced output...

Normally the titles of my blogposts need a little thinking about and this time is no exception: indeed it IS the whole point. Outcomes, Output, Outsourced and Overarching are all words on the list published earlier this year by the Local Government Association [Link to LGA] and brought to our attention again today by Anna Bawden over at The Guardian. At the time the LGA said

"We do not pretend to be perfect, but as this list shows, we are striving to make sure that people get the chance to understand what services we provide."

The idea was to ditch the jargon that is the daily fare of all public bodies so they can "communicate effectively with local people" (from the local shop) I think it's a fine idea; it's just this sort of bottom-up, blue sky thinking that lends itself to cohesive communities and citizen empowerment; it's right that they should champion - for every stakeholder - the functionality of this core message, area-focused with the leverage their democratic legitimacy bestows on them as a shared priority of sub regional partnerships reconfigured to utilise revenue streams by thinking outside the box with social contracts; upstream fastracking of this framework protocol as a baseline without slippage and with the fulcrum of our can-do culture you have to advocate the actioning of this across-the-piece interfacial network model...

You get the picture!

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Paul said...

I'm pleased to see the implementation of a new open door policy that offers valued added product whilst still keeping within the methodology we've come to expect. Flexible, on-budget, on-message and within the capabilities of our HR department it's certainly a pro-active move that I'm sure will float when we launch it down the mighty rivers of opportunity.

Does this initiative come with its own freeware?

Span Ows said...

I'll buy into that.


Paul said...

It's not very often that four words make me laugh out loud but those did!

Spurs have lost again - that works for me as well :-)