Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Olympic offal...

How many times has Crash Gordon and New Labour trumpeted the number of jobs that the Olympic construction sites would offer. Last year the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) claimed "Local people are given priority in accessing training and jobs on-site through local job brokerage services in the local area,". Now, we hear that just one in eight jobs on the Olympic site have gone to local British workers! The London Evening Standard reports that:

"the Olympic Delivery Authority has been forced to reveal that just 828 workers out of the total 6,277 workers on the Olympic site are Britons who live locally in the most revealing snapshot of employment on the site."

The ODA agreed to release the local employment figures under the Freedom of Information Act after a six-month campaign by a shipping industry worker and local East End resident David Isted. [Link]

(Hat-tip Iain Dale: British Jobs for Foreign Workers)

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Paul said...

I'm glad this has finally come out, Haesten has been on about this for years but was rubbished by the usual suspects.

Have to say the writing was on the wall to some extent when a village of mobile homes pitched up (no pun intended) at Stratford. Not really needed if you are walking to work or catching the tube is it?

Span Ows said...

Yep, I remember more than one thread on this! All a bit cynical but totally unsurprising!